We are Walasons

From the realm of vivid imagination encapturing dreams to encrafted reality Walasons brings you a world of inspiration in the form of timeless jewellery pieces. From Haute Couture to Cheerful Neon Vibes, From Dainty Daily Wear to Glamorous Extravaganza - Walasons has the most exciting collection of Natural Diamond Jewellery in 18K Gold. We offer trendy and luxurious pieces that help you make the most of your budget in style!

We believe that luxury should be accessible to all, and that’s why we strive to provide high-quality diamond jewellery at competitive prices.  We buy all our diamonds directly at the source, hence reducing the costs all through the chain. Every Diamond we sell is verified, authentic, natural, and ethically sourced. With over 2000+ designs created till date our collection is constantly expanding with new trendy designs. Our commitment to excellence and innovation from design to production is reflected in each and every piece that we create at Walasons

From our humble roots of diamond manufacturing in India since 1992, we established our global Headquarter in 1997 in Hong Kong – the world’s largest gems and jewellery hub.  In 2020 we set up a jewellery manufacturing unit in China and in 2021 we launched real diamond jewellery brand under ‘Walasons’. For over 30 years, Walasons has grown its business into a worldwide operation from diamond manufacturing to jewellery manufacturing and has established itself as a trusted supplier of natural diamonds, with a foundation built on excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

At Walasons, we only deal in natural diamonds and in 2021 we have launched 18K Gold Diamond Jewellery under our flagship brand Wala Woman. We believe that natural diamonds are like emotions and to hold a true meaning in life they both have to be real and hence the tagline - 'Diamond Does Matter'.

Walasons Wave

At Walasons, we only deal in natural diamonds and recently we have launched 18k Gold Real Diamond Jewellery. We believe that natural diamonds are like emotions and to hold a true meaning in life they both have to be real, hence quoting our sentiments - 'Diamond Does Matter'. Just like real diamonds, strong bonds also take time to form, similarly our emphasis is on building trust and life time commitment to our valuable customers across the globe. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers and associates receive the best service, international quality, and competitive prices through our established business network. 

With our focus on continuous improvement, we are always working on enhancing our distribution capabilities and optimising our supply chain for serving our customers around the world. Our global distribution channel is spread across Asia, The Middle East, USA and we are actively expanding across multiple regions to create a trusted and efficient global distribution network.

We at Walasons believe that sentiments & memories hold a special place in people's heart and a jewellery piece can truly encapsulate that moment. Our bespoke service enables us to cater to clients' needs and desires where we co-create jewellery pieces that they will adorn for a lifetime. However simple or extensive the vision of our client could be, we are here to serve you.

We at Walasons’ pride ourselves for our commitment to creativity and quality when it comes to our flagship brand jewellery production. From evergreen eternal pieces to trendy styles to unique designs we are constantly creating and expanding our collection. Till date we have created over 2000+ designs and regularly keep launching new creations.  

Our recent launch being the summer special edition where vibrant enamel colours are fused in 18k gold with sparkle of diamonds, a whimsical impulse 'Colours of Joy' .


One of the things that sets Walasons apart is the integrated, software-enabled interlink across factories, offices and markets that enables seamless inventory tracking, process times of imminent client demand to ensure on-time delivery.


Walasons makes it a point to provide diamond advisory to all the customers so they make the best buying decision.


A responsive sale service is put in place shall your jewellery need any sort of repair or restoration.


We wouldn’t be where we are without our core principles and ethics. Dealing fairly with all the stakeholders and parties is at the heart of Walasons’ operations. We maintain total transparency and accountability to ensure business efficiency.


Walasons is quality conscious and strives to meet the highest standards possible for each piece of jewellery that is crafted. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and our range of wholesome products not only meet your expectations but also exceed them!


To give a sense of luxury and greatest level of satisfaction is what drives Walasons. We are dedicated to providing quick and reliable fashion that is tailored to meet our clients' needs, ensuring that they are always delighted with our products.


Walasons continues to strive hard in the business from supplying polished diamonds to establishing our flagship jewellery brand.   We aim to maintain that leadership position by continually improving our service to customers, playing a responsible role in our local communities, valuing colleagues and dealing fairly with suppliers. These aims reflect Walasons’ tradition of responsibility. One area I’d like to highlight is the dedication of our employees. They have delivered an outstanding performance during a turbulent period, a sign of their commitment to Walasons.

This is a time of unparalleled complexity which we believe calls for unusual clarity and vision. Consumers are leading the way with their awareness of the possibilities they have and want to exercise. They are creating the demand for innovation and change in the products and services they buy. And that is creating a new sense of responsiveness and anticipation in the business those companies rely upon. We are not only ready for that challenge, we welcome it and believe we can prosper all the more in those conditions. We meet all of the complexity with clarity and simplicity.

Paresh BAPU

CEO at Walasons Limited