Creations by Walasons

Whimsical Impulse by Walasons

Vibrant Enamel colours fused in 18k Gold with sparkle of diamonds, a whimsical impulse 'Colours of Joy' by Walasons. 

Combination of enamel, diamond & gold jewellery creates for a cheerful, elegant and unique piece for those who want make style statement.

Visual Epiphany by Walasons

Perfect geometry, linear lines and mesmerising curves create scintillating facets of a diamond, an inspirational visual epiphany 'Fascinating Facets' by Walasons.

Space, moment and time stands still in structural harmony creating a dreamy and visually catchy pattern in the form of a jewellery piece.  

Midas Touch by Walasons

Spellbound mystical unique pieces of jewellery encasing diamonds in 18K gold, a midas touch creation ‘Enchanting Tales’ by Walasons.

We believe that every person deserves to feel like they are a part of a magical journey and each mesmerising jewellery piece tells a story and captures the imagination of those who wear them.

Euphoric Elation by Walasons

Timeless, elegant and classic jewellery pieces in 18k gold and diamonds, a euphoric creation 'Eternal Love' by Walasons.

Iconic elegant pieces that stay untouched and untamed with time becomes eclectic yet classic jewellery pieces that are perfect for forever elating moments of life.